Terms & Conditions

The SoundCloudLikes Terms of Service

In order for our customers to have clarity, we have set our terms of service in a clear and easy to understand way. They include the following:

1. Please be patient through system outages: Downtime in systems does occur, which is a downside of technology. Do not worry if a service disruption does impact your services through us. We are happy to add the time the system was down to the end of your plan, free of charge, ensuring that you get the exact amount of time that you paid for.

2. You Must be Public: We will not require you to provide your personal page passwords. But, in order for us to provide you your purchased services, you must keep your profile public. This is a non-negotiable of working with us.

3. Transfer Time is Short: Your automatic likes will start occurring between ten minutes and an hour after your services are purchased.

4. Only the New: Our likes and other services begin on new posts beginning at the time you start your service. Old posts are not included in the services list.

5. Instagram Issues: Through a protective measure on Instagram, often times services for this social media platform are slower to present. This is an issue on their end and not ours, so please be patient if likes on this platform are not as quick as you would like them to be.

6. Cancellation: Cancellation of your subscription can be done through your PayPal account. Simply go to the recurring payments tab and select cancel

7. Refunds: Refunds are possible, but only for major issues and dissatisfaction, including a failure on our end to deliver the services that you purchased. Moderate or gradual likes, however, and other minor issues do not qualify for refunding.